Installing a Blow Off Valve On The Ford St (2023)


Hey guys! In this video, we install a turbo smart blow off valve on the Ford St!
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Yo, what's going on john fd, we're back again with another video and, as you guys can probably tell by the title today we are, we are actually doing one of the first mods to the st and, of course we got homeboy lost over there, but um, as you guys can probably see behind me.

We actually are putting in one of the first [ __ ] mods, that every [ __ ] turbo person is probably gonna want, but uh yeah.

I have a dual port, turbosmart, uh, blowout valve and uh.

I ordered this off of ebay.

I think tuesday- and I got here like thursday- got here like fairly quick, so I'm really happy with that, and I've been waiting, all [ __ ] week to install and finally it's my day off of work.

So you know we gotta install this um.

This is a pretty simple install.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

It's not rocket science.

We already kind of took the first step and have the car on jack stands because in case you guys don't know the process of the way that this pretty much works is your bypass valve is actually on your passenger side.

So one of the first things you're gonna have to do is just honestly take off this wheel and then afterwards you can actually get into it start disconnecting everything and then uh yeah pretty much get to work.

I'm not gonna lie the install is not hard.

Hopefully this can be a pretty quick and simple install for us and uh yeah, we'll just kind of show you guys through the process and uh yeah.

This is how the st is looking right now, she's, not looking too bad.

Let me get a little frontal shot for you guys.

We will insert some sound clips of how she sounds afterwards, though, but yeah till then we're just gonna get the wheel off and then we'll update you guys, then all right guys.

So we are back now and pretty much.

We got the wheel off of course, and um from there you pretty much.

It's kind of like really hard to see just because of how small it is, but my bypass valve is that black thing right there you guys, can see really hard to tell, but it's through kind of all these hoses and stuff.

So first thing you're gonna need is a needle nose, uh, plier and you're gonna.

Take that hose off that carlos has his hand on yeah you're gonna, remove that first and afterwards, all you need is a five millimeter allen, key to remove three bolts that are on there and then yeah.

It's at that part right there and then you, then you just need to remove three bolts and then yeah, your stock bypass valve comes out and you just put in the rest alrighty guys, so we finally got the stock bypass valve off, and this is what it looks like.

This is a stock one, and this is going to be the turbosmart one.

Yeah look at the difference between that.

That's [, __ ], quite the difference yeah.

So that's that and then this right here is the little hole where you have to remove everything.

I don't know if you guys can see that right there, but uh, there's gonna be like a gasket, that's still, gonna be staying and hanging there and pretty much.

All you have to do is just it's literally just plug and play you literally just put in the the blower valve.

You put the gasket over it, and then you want to screw everything back in connect the hose back on and yeah.

Everything should be good.

These are the three screws I was telling you guys about.

There are allen's yeah, just five millimeter allens that just go through this [ __ ] right here and then uh yeah.

It's nothing really simple, so yeah we're just about to put the turbosmart blower valve in and then uh put everything back together and hopefully everything will be okay on the car and she'll sound cool.

So I'll show you guys once that is all done, alrighty guys.

So we just finished, as you guys can see.

The wheels back on everything looks back to normal carlos what'd, you think of the project.

Well, okay, actually, yeah no lie that [.

__ ] was a pain in the ass um, a lot of the [ __ ] screws and like they were just at really awkward angles, and on top of that, my lug nuts were actually being like really [, __ ], weird.

So looking, that's probably soon tedious work like honestly for sure, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've done.

It only took us 45 minutes yeah that that actually did not take too long.

So it was a pretty quick project, but uh we are about to go for a little first and press impression test drive so let me hand the camera off to lois and uh.

Let's go for a little test, run, let's uh get out of here and then uh yeah.

Let's see how she sounds, I'm a little nervous, carlos I'm a little nervous too.

I'm not gonna lie all right.

Let's hope we did this right.

Oh, oh [, __, ], okay, okay, what's good peacock or whatever the [ __ ], those are! Oh, it just took a [ __ ].

It really did oh yeah.

I just saw it drop.

Oh she's, sneezing sheesh, all right! That was windows down and uh.

We're gonna, do a little windows up action and see how she sounds wow.

Okay, can we even hear it from inside? Let's see yeah, oh, keep in mind, I'm pretty much stock like yeah like there's like nothing, [, __ ] done to this.

I still have my symposium too, for all my focus, st owners that know about the whole symposium delete [, __ ].

I haven't done that yet um.

I don't really know whether if I want to delete it or not, I've heard like mixed things of like.

Oh, you should keep it like.

It makes your car sound, better or I'll, delete it like it's useless.

I don't really know what I'm gonna do right now, but uh [ __ ], like I really wish.

I had a [ __ ] exhaust guys like I just know that it would just backfire so [, __, ] good, but uh dude, the blowout sounds pretty [ __ ] clean, I'm not gonna lie carlos thoughts and opinions.

It's pretty nice.

It's clean, I'm pretty [, __ ] happy with it.

So now we're about to put on cologne to this straight road because we were in a in a residential area.

So we definitely don't want to like rack up those tickets, boys all righty guys.

So that's pretty much going to wrap it up for the videos, as you guys probably heard in the last clip, we did have some flybys in there I'm not going to lie um carlos was driving the car and from the outside it [ __ ] sounded ten times louder than what I thought it actually was it uh inside the cabin it actually like, doesn't sound too bad like yes, you can hear it but wow when I was standing outside that just sounded ten times louder, but um really hope you guys enjoyed the video.

I know it's like.

I know it was a little bit of a shorter video, but the blow valve is not really that hard of an install.

It's pretty simple, to be honest, like you, don't even need like that many tools, and it only like truly takes about like 30 to 45 minutes me and carlos were just struggling with our lug nuts and that's really it but uh yeah we're just gonna finish up the video real quick and give you guys some last revs and uh yeah.

Here we go carlos.

Do the honors yeah that [ __ ], definitely [! __ ] brings a smile to the face, but hope you guys enjoyed please like comment and subscribe, make sure to follow us on instagram for more updates and uh yeah.

Anything else to say carlos see you guys next time family see you guys next time, peace.



Does the Ford Focus ST have a blow off valve? ›

As any Ford Focus ST owner knows, one of the most popular mods for this vehicle is to upgrade the blow off valves and wastegates. The blow off valve is located on the boost side of the system and helps to vent boost pressure in the intake. This is an essential upgrade if you are increasing your turbo.

Do you need a tune after installing BOV? ›

A: Tuning is not required for BOV's, so you will be just fine to bolt this right up!

Are blow off valves bad for engine? ›

Will a Turbosmart Blow-Off or Bypass Valve (BOV/BPV) damage my engine? The simple answer is NO! A Turbosmart BOV or BPV are designed and engineered to improve the performance of your turbocharger system and NOT damage your engine.

What is the disadvantage of a blow off valve? ›

Performance-wise, BOVs can have a slight negative affect in applications such as drifting. When you're on and off the throttle all the time, releasing all the charged air can hurt throttle response and give some lag.

Can you put a blow-off valve in a stock car? ›

You can't put a blow off valve on a naturally aspirated car because induction (the sucking of air into the engine) is done using vacuum. The engine itself sucks air in, instead of the turbine pushing compressed air in.

How do you get turbo flutter? ›

Put simply, the easiest way to get any form of turbo flutter in a turbocharged engine is to remove the blow-off valve from your car. Doing this will ensure that the air intake has no smooth way to escape, creating that satisfying noise that we car enthusiasts know and love.

Does a BOV make turbo flutter? ›

If a car is making a fluttering noise when venting at high rpm and boost, then the BOV isn't doing its job. Contrary to popular belief the noise is actually emitted from the turbo, not the BOV itself.

Does a BOV cause turbo flutter? ›

If it occurs at higher engine loads or boost levels, it can cause premature wear to your turbo. To sum up, a BOV prevents turbo flutter by venting the air pressure that causes surge.

Can you run a turbo without a BOV? ›

The BOV is a pressure release valve. It's purpose is to release the pressure inside the intercooler and charge piping whenever the throttle is closed. If this pressure were not vented in some way, a shock wave would form and back up into the turbo, causing it to stall. This is very bad for the turbo.

Which is better BOV or wastegate? ›

In V configuration engines it is common to see a wastegate for each of the manifold runners, this provides more accurate control over the turbo speed. That's the difference between wastegates and blow off valves.

Where is the best place to put a blow off valve? ›

BOV should be located in trash bin. nothing that can be damaged.

Is a bypass valve better than a blow-off valve? ›

The major concern with this design is its ability to hold up to high horsepower applications. “Anything over 800 horsepower you're going to have a hard time getting a recirculating bypass valve to flow enough air to do the job, so a vent-to-atmosphere blow-off valve is really the only way to go,” says Staggs.

Should blow-off valve be open at idle? ›

At engine idle

A vented BOV needs to remain shut in idle state to avoid leaking. To make that possible, there is a stainless spring inside the upper BOV housing that holds the piston closed.

Do I need to tune my car for a blow-off valve? ›

Each Blow-off Valve (BOV) or Bypass Valve (BPV) needs to be adjusted to suit the vehicle it is mounted.

What engine makes the stututu sound? ›

It's the BOV that makes the signature turbo sound ("pssst"; "sutututu"), not the wastegate.

What is the wastegate flutter sound? ›

External Wastegates are responsible for turbo flutter.

That fluttering sound, which typically occurs when the throttle is suddenly closed, is the sound of the turbo trying to push air into the engine but failing, so the compressor blades 'chop' through the air.

What activates turbo? ›

The turbo is powered by the exhaust gases. One side of the turbo is located at the exhaust manifold, the other at the engine's air intake, and it contains two small fans joined by a shaft. As exhaust passes through the turbo, it spins one fan, called the turbine.

What makes the stututu sound in a turbo? ›

The airflow to the intake manifold is low, but the air pressure from the turbo is high. Now this high air pressure should go somewhere, but there is no way to move forward. So this air pressure tries to escape back through the turbo. This process is called “Compressor surge” and we get this “stututututu” sound.

Why does my turbo flutter when I let off the throttle? ›

Essentially, the noise is caused by what is known as "reversion". When a turbocharged vehicle builds up boost, and the driver backs off the throttle, the throttle body snaps shut, but the turbo is still spinning, trying to compress air.

How much does a turbo flutter cost? ›

You'll be looking at $5-6,000 in parts and labor. Secondly, turbos are not designed to flutter, and only compress air in one direction. Turbo flutter causes a lot of back pressure to go through your turbo, which puts a lot of strain on it.

What is a boost creep? ›

"Boost creep is a condition of rising boost levels past what the predetermined level has been set at.

Why do turbos bark? ›

Surging. Also referred to as turbo bark or chirp, compressor surge occurs when intake air actually reverts back out of the compressor. It's most often experienced when elevated boost is produced and then cut off abruptly (i.e., you lift off the throttle suddenly).

What makes the Stu Stu Stu sound? ›

The turbine has exhaust gas that it's trying to use but can't. Since the gas can't go through the throttle, it exits the same way it came in. As it exits, the compressor blades chop through the air. This is what creates the famous “stu-stu-stu” noise.

Do you need a wastegate? ›

To keep boost, drive pressure and shaft speed in check, there is no better tool than a wastegate. A device that acts as a bypass valve to bleed off excess pressure, a wastegate can promote not just turbo longevity, but engine longevity as well.

What is a turbo screamer? ›

A screamer pipe is a type of exhaust configuration fitted to some automotive turbocharged petrol engines with an external wastegate set-up, which vents the waste exhaust to the atmosphere through a separate un-muffled pipe, rather than back into the main exhaust track. This exhaust setup is known for its loud noise.

What does upgrading a BOV do? ›

Many people upgrade their blow-off valve simply to gain the noise, which, even on a completely stock car is quite easy to achieve. But the main reason to upgrade your BOV would be to improve performance and increase reliability.

How much does it cost to install a blow off valve? ›

$100 to $200: This mid-range price level consists of vented and hybrid blow off valves.

Do blow off valves leak? ›

Blow-off valve leaks boost. There are usually three things that lead people to suspect a BOV leak: an audible whooshing sound under boost, the car seems to make less boost pressure or power than it used to, or a smoke/intake pressure test was performed and shows a leak from the BOV.

Do blow off valves add power? ›

Blow-off valves, or dump valves, are divisive. The premise is simple. In a turbocharged car, the system builds boost pressure to force extra air into the cylinders. The usual combustion business follows, with a greater amount of fuel/air mixture for bigger explosions and more power.

What type of shut off valve is best? ›

Ball valves may be the most reliable valve and are commonly used for main water shut offs. Similar to gate valves, ball valves should be all the way open to allow the full flow of water or all the way closed to restrict all water from flowing. The valve is controlled by moving it between 0 and 90 degrees.

Why use a bypass valve? ›

Bypass valves are important in any system through which water or oil is pumped to maintain an even pressure and keep the system operating. Construction equipment in particular relies on bypass valves to relieve pressure build-up.

Is the wastegate open or closed at idle? ›

The wastegate is normally closed, held shut by a spring inside the actuator canister. When preset pressure limits are exceeded, the actuator progressively opens the wastegate, allowing exhaust flow to bypass the turbine, thus regulating manifold boost pressure.

What's the point of closing and opening exhaust valve? ›

The valve which allows mixture into the cylinder is the inlet valve; the one through which the spent gases escape is the exhaust valve. They are designed to open and close at precise moments, to allow the engine to run efficiently at all speeds.

Does Focus ST have PCV valve? ›

The plastic PCV cover for the Ford Focus ST and Fusion 2.0T engines comes complete with gasket, PCV, and PCV line completely assembled.

Do EcoBoost engines have blow off valves? ›

Swapping out your EcoBoost's blow-off valve for an aftermarket piece can benefit in both the performance and durability departments, for a relatively low cost.

Do all turbos have blow off valves? ›

Not all turbocharged engines are made for blowoff valves. They might need a bypass (aka diverter or recirculating) valve instead. They both accomplish the same task but there's a big difference in how they do it. The type of engine management your car runs will come into play when choosing a valve.

Where is the best blow-off valve placement? ›

BOV should be located in trash bin. nothing that can be damaged.

Does blow-off valve replace wastegate? ›

A blowoff valve (BOV) is similar to a wastegate, except it works on the intake side of the turbocharger. Once a certain level of pressure is reached, the inlet air opens a spring, allowing for the intake air downstream of the turbocharger to either vent to the atmosphere or be redirected back into the turbo.

What is a wastegate vs blow-off valve? ›

Turbo Wastegates are placed on the exhaust gas side of a turbo system and are used to control turbo speed. Turbo Blow Off Valves are placed on the boost side of the turbo system and are used to vent boost in the intake tube once you let off the gas pedal, to avoid damaging the turbo.

Does a PCV valve make your car run better? ›

The PCV system allows for cleaner exhaust, prevents blowby at seals and gaskets, removes crankcase gasses generated by the combustion process that will sludge up and destroy the engine if left unchecked, and allows the engine to run more efficiently thus creating better fuel mileage!

Does PCV valve affect idle? ›

A PCV valve that's stuck open will allow too much air to enter the intake manifold, leading to a leaner idling fuel-air mixture. Stuck closed leads to a build up of pressure in the crank case which creates a variety of oil leaks! And this in turn can lead to a range of issues, including a rough idle.

Do blow off valves hurt the turbo? ›

However, failing due to closed throttle. Therefore, it dramatically increases the load on the bearings of the turbo. If it occurs at higher engine loads or boost levels, it can cause premature wear to your turbo. To sum up, a BOV prevents turbo flutter by venting the air pressure that causes surge.

Do blow off valves hurt performance? ›

A blow-off valve is a version of a compressor bypass valve that vents to atmosphere. There is no performance reason for doing this, but it does make a really loud noise. The only performance-related reasons to upgrade the compressor bypass valve is to fix a leaky factory valve.

Does blow-off valve make turbo flutter? ›

If a car is making a fluttering noise when venting at high rpm and boost, then the BOV isn't doing its job. Contrary to popular belief the noise is actually emitted from the turbo, not the BOV itself.

Is BOV easy to install? ›

Installation is usually made easy, and it goes without saying that our upgraded boost bypass valves are also made of higher quality material. Not to mention the feeling that your turbo is not only optimally protected, but also that the power is noticeable again.

What makes a turbo go stututu? ›

The airflow to the intake manifold is low, but the air pressure from the turbo is high. Now this high air pressure should go somewhere, but there is no way to move forward. So this air pressure tries to escape back through the turbo. This process is called “Compressor surge” and we get this “stututututu” sound.

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