Carvana Lowballing My Toyota Tacoma (2023)


Carvana Lowballing My Toyota Tacoma? With the Tacoma shortage, I thought my truck would be a gold mine! Was I wrong and what did the used car market offer? Are you surprised?



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Carvana lowballing my toyota tacoma.

This can't be right good morning, everybody.

How are you today pretty good here and that's right? It seems that carvana is lowballing, my toyota tacoma.


What am I doing? Well, you know I'm not really looking to sell my tacoma, but I saw a post out on social media today and somebody was talking about their 2019 tacoma with like 30 000 miles and they went out to carvana plugged in the information and got an estimate to buy a 42 000 some odd dollars.

So I thought wow that sounds pretty good for a 2019 with 30 some thousand miles, not too bad.

Then it wasn't a pro by the way.

I think it was an off-road, so I thought you know for kicks.

I'm gonna plug in my information and see what carvana offers me for the blue unicorn.

So just to let you know uh.

First of all, I've got the sticker here, I'm just going to tell you what's on it a little bit just you know what we're dealing with nothing too uh detailed, but it is a 2020 trd off-road.

It has the advanced technology package.

It has the rear sensors, it has the led lights, bed lights, power lock, it has everything on it.

Leather seats, heated seats, uh, it is a four wheel drive and it is a manual transmission.

Now I ran it both ways, because I was curious.

What's the pricing for an automatic versus the pricing of a manual and the reason I did that one I wanted to see if there was a difference, but two everybody always says that manuals are worth so much more because they're harder to get people want the manuals which I have uh disagreed with many times so anyway, what was the sticker? The sticker on my truck was 40.

Let's make sure I get this right, 42 thousand 778, you guys can see it it's right there, 42 778, so I go out to carvana.

Now, that's not what I paid for.

I didn't pay sticker, but that's what it stickers for so I go after carvana I plug in all my information, and I went with the manual transmission first.

Their estimate was 39 hundred and sixty one dollars what thirty one thousand thirty nine thousand eight hundred and sixty one dollars, that's twenty nine hundred and seventeen dollars less than what I paid for it that didn't sound right now.

I thought.

Okay, like I said I'll put in the automatic version.

Let's see if it's worth anything different and it was not a lot.

The price from them for an automatic was forty thousand forty nine dollars.

So that's a difference of 188 bucks.

So it's not like it was a huge difference right, but a difference.

Nonetheless, now there's a couple things with carvana.

First of all, I live in extreme south texas.

If I wanted to sell my truck to them, my tacoma, I would have to drive 50 miles to meet them in between that's what it says on their site, because they have no hub near me now because of where I live, and I think the pricing that you get is highly dependent upon where you live right.

I may check later on different video just to see I'll plug in some different uh geographic locations and zip codes to see.

But I think it matters- and you know down here where I am- prices- are lower anyway, um in extreme south texas.

So I think if, for example, I was in the midwest or maybe in california new york- something like that, obviously the price would be higher because carvana would try to resell it at a higher amount.

I suppose, but they do claim that they will ship these all over the place.

Now you're gonna pay for shipping, and I suspect that that probably makes up the difference if indeed they're gonna jack the price up based on where you live.

But it was pretty shocking to me.

You know I'm hearing a lot from people out there about what they're, either paying or seeing or getting uh for their used trucks right this 42 some odd thousand dollars that somebody posted and they did put a picture of their carvana offer.

I realized you could fake that forge that whatever, but still 42 000 some odd dollars and I'm hearing this a lot.

I'm hearing that the prices of used tacomas is almost and in some cases higher than what you can buy a new one for and that's just supply and demand.

I suppose right I mean if it if you can't get one.

Obviously the used ones that are out there are going to be worth more money if people are willing to pay for them.

But it was just shocking to me that my 2020 with really low miles I mean this truck, probably has below.

I think it's 3 000 miles something like that on it.

So it's brand new, basically right now before anybody says.

Oh, you never drive your truck.

Well, that's because I split driving time with the other truck.

You know when you have two: you don't put as many miles on either one right and that's the case with these two and I will say the the jeep gladiator is my daily driver, so it it gets more miles on it than the tacoma does anyway, but nonetheless I would have suspected that the the buyout for my tacoma would have been at least what supposedly the buyout was for a 2019 with 30 000 miles.

Just doesn't make sense to me now some people might say that.

Well, that's because your truck is so new that there's depreciation involved, blah blah blah, but that's the same case with the 2019 right.

I mean the depreciation's already factored in, I guess, and that wouldn't make the price of the truck higher.

Not in my opinion, I just can't see any reason for that now, maybe the 2020s back when I got mine was overpriced.

I don't know at 42 778.

I certainly didn't see that or wasn't aware of that when I bought it.

Pricing on it seemed fair to me and I did build it.

So it's not like it's a truck that was somehow brought in and priced up and by the way there were no additions.

You can see.

This is the uh right side of the sticker.

There were no additions on this.

You know.

Sometimes dealers will add things like protection packages and things like that.

None of that was on my truck, so that did not contribute to the price now one other thing I do want to mention- and this will be another thing I'm going to have to check later on, but there was a box on carvana that you could check if your truck has been modified and I've always said on the channel that a non-modified truck is worth more money to a dealer, in this case carvana than a modified truck, because you see the dealer doesn't want a truck, that's going to come in with all kinds of things on it that people may not want it makes the truck less attractive to the masses.

It narrows the field of buyers right, because you may have things on that truck that people simply don't want so they're not worth as much to the dealer they may even have to spend money taking those parts off maybe putting it back to stock so that's going to reduce their profit right makes sense so I wouldn't be surprised if checking that box did indeed make a difference and the fact that the truck is modified uh you know suspension things like that it's not heavily modified as far as anything mechanical or anything like that but I do suspect that that had something to do with it we'll check that out there's a lot of other variables that can go into this of course and I'll run through all of them later but I just want to get on here uh kind of first thing after I just did it and let you guys know what I saw so I'm not so convinced that used tacomas are going for these huge prices that people say they are I mean maybe they're taking them in and they're trading them and the dealer is giving them a lot for their truck, but they're also jacking up the price of the new truck right, so in the end it offsets you think you got a ton of money for your truck, but in the in the end you really broke.

Even I guess, and it it's a wash.

I don't know, leave a comment.

Let me know if you've experienced this if you've actually sold your truck and gotten big money out of it because of the shortage.

I'd be curious to know also real, quick if you're interested, I have two additional channels: rob motive, jt all about my 2020 jeep gladiator, and rob motive, civic about my experiences with the honda, civic type r and the honda civic sport hatch check them out and if you like them, why not subscribe? Don't forget to click that notification bell so that you don't miss out on any upcoming videos and do me a favor smash that subscribe button on the way out, thanks for watching stay safe out there bye you.


Can Carvana lower their offer? ›

No, Carvana's offer is final and does not permit negotiation. On PrivateAuto, in contrast, buyers can make offers on multiple vehicles, and sellers can accept, reject, or make counteroffers. This gives buyers the most possible control over selling their vehicle for a price that works for them.

Does Carvana negotiate trade-in value? ›

Will you price match or negotiate on my trade offer? We do not price match or negotiate your trade-in offer. Carvana strives to provide a haggle and hassle-free experience for our customers, so we provide our best offer upfront.

What are issues with Carvana? ›

The logistics of delivering cars and processing all the paperwork have proved challenging for Carvana. So many consumers complained about long delays getting titles to cars they bought from the company and other issues that North Carolina temporarily suspended Carvana's business license in 2021.

How do I reject a Carvana offer? ›

There's no way to remove an offer from your account, but this doesn't mean you've accepted or are obligated to sell in any way. After a period of time, the offer will show as “expired”.

Can you argue price on Carvana? ›

We don't negotiate on pricing; our vehicles are priced as competitively as possible and we never add on any dealer charges.

Will a dealership give me more money than Carvana? ›

Higher Trade-In Values

You're more likely to get better value when you trade your vehicle in at a dealership. Request your free trade-in value estimate to see how much more your dealership will pay you over Carvana.

Are cars on Carvana overpriced? ›

So, when online car retailer Carvana claimed lower prices versus traditional dealerships, few consumers second guessed its claim. But after researching the alleged savings, I found no evidence that Carvana's prices were generally lower than the average dealer, and, instead, found evidence to the contrary.

What is better CarMax or Carvana? ›

Which Is Better: Carvana or CarMax? Carvana is a better option if you look for convenience and ease of use in your purchases and trades. On the other hand, CarMax is ideal for people who want to test drive the car beforehand and who do not mind going to their nearest CarMax location to do it.

Can Carvana back out of a trade-in? ›

Carvana will keep the trade-in, even if you return the vehicle purchased from us. We will treat your trade-in as a sale to us for the purchase price stated in your agreement. If your trade-in vehicle has a loan, we'll use the purchase amount to first pay off the loan, and then we'll pay you any excess.

Why has Carvana failed? ›

Unfortunately, Carvana's heavy debt burden indicates that the company is doomed and investors are holding a toxic stock. Bloomberg reported that Carvana “has total debt of about $8.1 billion and cash of about $316 million.” That's alarming, and bear in mind that Carvana will have to pay interest on its debt.

Why did Carvana get banned? ›

Back in mid-May, Illinois revoked Carvana's license to sell in the state after various complaints from customers that the company was failing to transfer titles to new owners, and instead abusing temporary out-of-state registrations.

Why was Carvana banned in Illinois? ›

Online car dealer Carvana has been barred from doing business in Illinois over issues with consumers receiving vehicle registrations and titles.

Does Carvana buy cars with check engine light on? ›

Let's say a seller lists a vehicle in great condition with no mechanical defects, but the check engine light comes on when one of our Advocates is looking it over. Carvana would not be able to accept the car, and the seller would need to have this issue taken care of if they still wanted to sell it.

How easy is it to return a car to Carvana? ›

How do I return my Carvana vehicle? To return your vehicle, please chat with one of our Advocates to start the process. You must contact us to initiate a return within your 7-Day Money Back Guarantee period; however, the return appointment can be arranged for a future date.

How many miles can I drive after Carvana offer? ›

Carvana offers you seven days to accept an offer or 1000 miles after putting in an offer.

Does Carvana ever change their offer? ›

Our offers vary over time to reflect current auto market conditions and values, which can change. When providing an appraisal, we rely on our customers to submit accurate information about their vehicle details and condition.

Does Carvana overprice their cars? ›

So, when online car retailer Carvana claimed lower prices versus traditional dealerships, few consumers second guessed its claim. But after researching the alleged savings, I found no evidence that Carvana's prices were generally lower than the average dealer, and, instead, found evidence to the contrary.

Why is Carvana asking for so much money down? ›

The down payment is a reflection of the risk the lender attaches to the loan and/or the value of the vehicle versus the price paid. A person with poor credit will usually be allowed a lower loan amount. Or the price the buyer agrees to pay is in excess of the loan to value amount the lender computes.

How many miles is a Carvana offer good for? ›

Carvana offers you seven days to accept an offer or 1000 miles after putting in an offer.

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