ASMR | Step Leedah Gives You Head... Massage ๐Ÿ’† (2023)


hai my step cutiess :3 this may be last final series, so get ready to relax and be entertained! xo.
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โฅhaii my name is hadeel :) (yes leedah is my name backwards lul) I'm a content creator/entertainer. I enjoy asmr, dancing, gaming and laughing.

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Step bro: where is he hello, step bro, because it's not going to open the door because I just have to knock knock knock, knock, stepper, open up hello, hi? How you been doing where have you been I've been seeing you all day for a while? Actually, I've been looking for you everywhere, you've been here.

Oh how come you didn't respond to me.

Why what's wrong? What's that bro sad! Oh no! Stepper can't be sad here.

Give me a hug yeah, I'm dressed up because I'm supposed to go outside with stuff says we're supposed to go out for some brunch, that's kind of windy outside.

So I don't know.

If here I will a hug you're, okay, you're, okay, stuff bro! I know valentine's happened and well.

How was your date, but how would it go? Oh it didn't work out.

Oh, is it? Is it because you, you told them that you keep pulling me out of the laundry the the washing machine? No, it's not! Because of that! No, so why didn't you guys work out cut before I? Let you continue to this video today marks one year for the steps of series stephalita series, if you do like the series or if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like thumbs up and comment.

Your favorite part that made you laugh or made you tingle or just any favorite part.

I appreciate it so so much other than that.

Thank you for being here and let's go to the video you don't know.

Well anyway, I didn't like them.

I didn't.

I honestly thought you guys weren't gonna work out, because I don't know and plus you look kind of dusty.

Did you ever take a look in the mirror? Take a look.

They look dusty.

What's what's up with this here, let me take a look what's this: what is this like butterfly, looking eyebrows they're like everywhere they're, so messy, I'm gonna have to give you a little plucking stuff bro.

Would you like some? No, some plucking, um and um? Look.

I broke my nail.

I just wanted to come and tell you that, but now that you're sad, I have more reason to stay so um.

Let me go grab my kit.

Oh it's right here, oh, come on step bro! I haven't seen you all day.

Of course, I'm gonna want to remove your juju and make you feel better because I'm the best stepsis ever the stress keeps I should take it off.

What do you mean? Take it off I'll, like change into something else? Uh.

What should I wear? Nothing? Oh you don't know what I should wear.

Oh okay got it okay! Well anyway, I have like um since your eyebrows look bad here's.

What I'm gonna do.

Okay, I'm gonna quiet your mind, I'm going to pluck your eyebrows and then I'm going to clean the juju out of you just suck it out of you.

Okay, just remove the load, just give it to me, okay and then I'll like just swallow it and then I'll.

Just poop it out.

Does that make sense.

I I'm very strong now I'll take it for you don't worry, so I want you to feel lighter stuff bro.

I want you to feel good.

I'm sorry! It didn't work out but, like I said at least we have more time together.

Yeah, okay, um just a little tiny bit, but I promise you're gonna feel and look so hot.

My stubborn is gonna.

Look so hot right after this I'm gonna make you feel all pretty oh yeah and then I'm going to massage your head.

What do you? What what you only have one head? Stub bro, it's right here! What are you talking about so um? What are you doing on the phone? Oh, I don't know.

I saw you browsing something what's that.

Why are you so secretive about it? You don't want to show me what your browsing history looks like.

How bad could it be? I'm gonna lay you down after and then I'm gonna get on top okay.

So I can give you the head massage, no like I'll.

Do that massage from on top while you lay down.

That's that's what I said: plucking plucking yeah, I'm dressed up because I did.

I not tell you me and stop says- are supposed to go out for brunch, but it's really windy outside.

I don't know.

I still want to go out, so I'm waiting for stepsist right now.

So I was looking for you in the meantime, all right, your favorite juicy beans, the only thing that can stimulate and clear up your mind, just take a look.

Take a look at this red excuse me.

Take a look.

Take a look right here.

Take a look! What's that bro? Where are you looking at right here? Do you have like a googly eyes? Do you lower like lazy eye or something? If you do that's fine, but um, I'm right here? Okay, how many red? Do you see right? You see six good number, it's one, two, three, four, five, six right here: smart stuff, bro sma, dr e, very smart! Okay, so you want more you like the beads huh, okay, okay, you have a headache.

Okay, all right I'll! Just put it around you like a leash, roof, relax, step, relax, step.

Sis has your back always always always I mean you always look over mine on a bent huh, it's that bro.

Sometimes you just you! You hear things from me and I'm not really saying them and then like it's just so weird I don't know okay.

I think I think whatever that happened with with that person you were talking to.

I think something went down here.

I don't know every time I say something you think I'm saying something else.

I have no idea what you're saying anyway, all right the nexus I'm gonna make you look all pretty oh no hold on.

I gotta whisper, some affirmations to you.

So the juju I can clear out your juju and it can work out really well.

I can't miss this step whatsoever, breathe in breathe out good whoa.

What's that stuff bro, that's that looks really hard like it's it's like.

Why is it long and can you handle that? Can you carry that really? Oh, I didn't know.

People buy dumbbell rods for home.

I didn't know you can carry that.

It looks really heavy it's pretty.

Girthy too, like I mean my hands are small.

I don't know if I can carry it.

Ah, so we're gonna work out at home.

You're scared that another covered lockdown is gonna happen and you can't go to the gym.

I'd see you can you buy me like a little tiny dumbbell? I know you have the rod, but can you get me the dumbbell, just like a tiny, one like like one pound thanks debra just add it, to the cart cool all right.

So what I was gonna do is give you some positive affirmations with my pipe right.

Here I need to just focus focus focus.

Do you hear that do you feel that okay you feeling okay.

So I love blowing some positive affirmations into it and like some magical spell words that it's a secret you cannot know anyway so so how's that feeling as a headache kind of like you know getting a little bit better okay that's good well um should I do this should I make, you, look pretty! First or massaging first, let me massage it yeah.

I've been wanting to massage it for so long.

I like getting all lubed up and you know just applying all over you and stroking, you stroking your head.

Um! Okay.

I think I think that's it right.

That's what I need! Okay, so all right girl, wait down for me.

A second get on top nice! Oh! Nothing! Feels good! Like a nice head! Massage I told you I can take care of you for the amount of times you've helped me.

Oh, you won't believe.

I don't know how I did that I got.

I got stuck in the dishwasher, whatever yeah did that I don't even use it and the first time I tried using it, I got stuck.

I don't know how that happened.

Wow! Thank you for being there.

For me, oh yeah, I was trying to.

I was trying to wash my spoons and forks for the first time.

Everything is just too big for me to fit in everything's too big for real in this world.

I'm just too tiny.

It's okay, relax have your back so um.

I know you and that person can even you know, aren't talking and doing.

Well, once I come back from brunch, would you like to netflix and chill? No, just like we can just watch a show? Is that bro you're doing this again? When you think something thor, I mean something.

I say something and I mean something else.

I think you need to go to the hospital and get checked, because it's not me, I'm not saying anything, although maybe I should get on my knees.

Maybe this will feel better for you.

Okay, so the height is properly adjusted and my arms don't hurt that much.

My back, it's okay to bro! I know it didn't work out, but just know that you're pretty amazing, you know you are I'm not trying to just stroke your ego like the way I'm stroking your head right now and massaging it, but pretty amazing you've helped me you're.

So generous, you love really hard.

You know.

It's not easy dating is not easy.

You know what I've been liking.

Rude beer, it's like a guilty pleasure and dad bought me that or stepped out.

I guess anyway, as I was saying, you're a great friend you're, a great bro you're, a great boyfriend to someone in the future.

Just keep working on you and I'll always be here to back you up I'll, get on my knees and kiss your feet for all the help that you've given me.

Thank you all hail step row all hail step round.

This world is not easy and they keep hating on your stuff, because you know what you're capable of they know what you're capable of I know what you're capable of so.

If I know the world knows too all right, my hands are getting tired, how's that massage going for you, you feel better.

I'm glad I'm glad I can help all right stuff get ready for me.

Okay, so I crap.

What are you doing? Stop bro? Oh, I needed to grab this so make it pretty.

It's like little um mini butterfly hair clips.

So pretty isn't it? What color would you like? Blue? You know, I'm gonna give you pink and yellow okay, all right, I'm just gonna clip that on your hair over here, okay, okay, you look so pretty already hey.

At least these butterflies are on your hair.

Not on your face.

You know.

Oh look! I like pink, I'm still waiting for stop, says she hasn't called me or anything cause.

I don't know where she is okay, fine I'll give you one blue, I'm um blue, is to see the size.

Let's see the other side you're stepping up.

Let me do hot pink um, which one pick a color green.

This butterfly is gonna, come on.

You come onto here, go and get clipped.

Let me see pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty.

Okay is here, I'm coming all right, step bro! This is perfect timing, hope you feel pretty and uh.

Don't worry.

Don't worry, don't worry, step bro before I do go.

You got this whatever issues you're having or if you feel lonely, I'm right here- steps.

This is always here anyway.


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